Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby J is 5 Weeks!

Today was my first day to school since finding out I'm going to be a momma. My to-do list is exponentially long; yet, I managed to kill an entire day texting my husband, looking at baby blogs, and eating. Yes...I've been hungry 24/7. Last week, I had next to no appetite. I actually lost a pound and a half. This week, I could eat my hand. It doesn't help that I get these instant moments of nausea, where I feel like I could puke; however, I just need a little food to settle my tummy. I'd definitely rather have that over the alternative; however, I don't want to be humongous. Somewhere in between is my goal. And a healthy baby of course!

The best part of the day was calling the doctor to make my 12 week appointment. I feel so blessed to have such a great women's clinic in my backyard. Dr. Weno is probably the coolest doctor on the planet and she was so excited! She confirmed that I am five weeks along, and better yet, gave me a due date...

...October 5, 2010...

A baby in 10-'10! Can't wait!

How far along? 5 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss? Down a pound and a half!

Body Changes? My dress pants are definitely difficult to button; however, that has nothing to do with the seed growing inside of me.

Stretch Marks? No! Knock on wood!

Sleep? I had my first true sleep disturbance last night. 1:45-2:00 am. Tums, saltines, and a glass of water. It did the trick!

Best Moment this Week? Telling the daddy-to-be! Telling the grandma-to-be!

Movement? None, including baby or bowels!

Food Cravings? Everything! In about 30 seconds, I told Beau that Burger King chicken tenders, Extra Crispy KFC Chicken, and Red Lobster sounded good! I also think I could down a gallon of chocolate milk!

Gender? No clue and I have no inclination

What I Miss? Working out with Beau and a cold beer afterwards!

What I Look Forward To? Hearing a heartbeat and finding out the sex!

Weekly Wisdom? Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean you can't exercise!

Milestones? First true symptoms; nausea and utter exhaustion

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