Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Bob (Baby.On.Board)

(Six week letter to baby. I will catch up soon :)

Dear Bob,

Yes, you have a new name. It was your dad's idea this time. He asked if he could refer to you as Bob, which stands for Baby.On.Board. He even made my Valentine's Day card out to me and you. Bob. I am no longer the only love interest in his life.

In your short six weeks of life, you have been referred to as Soybean, 'Bean,' and now Bob. I promise to give you a new name when you're born and stick to it. My family has a history with cats you know. Jade may be Jade on her Petsmart Adoption Certificate; however, she's been known as Santo, Hellboy, Jadey, Terrible`, Gato, and 'Friend.' And let's not even get into Lieutenant Dan! To this day, Dan doesn't not answer to anything!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day; however, we're celebrating tonight with dinner at Cu, and a movie. Today, I am going to celebrate with you with a trip to Old Navy! This shopping thing has been pretty difficult since I don't know if you are a boy or a girl, yet, I still try. I've bought something every single week since I've found out about your existence. If I keep this pace up, we should be pretty prepared by October!

October. What a perfect month to arrive! It will be warm enough still for stroller rides, cool enough for soft blankets and sleepers, and early enough to help celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I already look forward to being home with you, snuggling, rocking, and loving on you! We are going to have the best time. You are going to bring so much light to our life!

So, on this holiday, Valentine's Day, we celebrate you. Our hearts beat a little bit faster thinking about your little heart being formed this week. You are such a gift to us and we can't wait to meet you!

Love you so much...


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