Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drenched in Pink - 'Showered' in Love

White lights softly layered within waves of pink tulle. Votive candles, pastel balloons, and a tower of cherry chip cupcakes. Curling ribbon, polka dots, and chinese lanterns. Over the past weekend, my gender-neutral house was transformed to a little girl's dreamland - all to honor the newest girl in our family...Charly Grace.

I asked Kelli if I could throw a shower for her in October, so I've been secretly planning my party for months now. I knew I wanted to have a shower after the baby was born, simply to overdo the pink or blue. In this case, I was perfectly happy throwing the oober 'girl' shower.

Highlights of the Day...

1. Decorating! Since I was home on Spring Break, I was fortunate to have time to worry about the details. I took my time and had so much fun with ribbons, lights, and candles!

2. My first diaper cake experience - Mom helped with this one. It was fun to put it together, but even more fun to decorate it!
3. The food! No real messes or travesties concerning the menu. I served homemade chicken salad on croissants, mini fruit skewers with dip, spinach artichoke dip, cranberry turkey roll-ups, mini cupcakes, and pink lemonade.

4. Charly of course. She was cuter than ever. Kelli dressed her in this little demin dress from Gap, a pink striped onesie, and pink tights that were a little big, but baggy in just the right places. Her dad forgot to comb her hair after her bath, so her mane was a little fluffy! She was awake at the beginning, and then fell asleep during games. Turns out, Charly isn't a fan of shower games either!

5. Oh Baby! Shower Favors. Beau helped with this one. A CD full of songs with the word, 'baby.' Everything from the Supremes, to Vanilla Ice, to Amy Grant. I like to think the CD has a little for everyone. Even Grandma Henrichs.

6. Charly's gifts, especially the headband from her Grandma Carol. Kelli insists Charly is not a headband girl. By the look on her face, Charly insists too!

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