Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sigh...It's Spring Break!

A week ago, no one could have ever convinced me that the snow would be gone by Spring Break. In fact, last Saturday, a foot of snow covered most of our ground, not to mention the piles bordering our driveway that stood a head taller than me. It seemed that it would last forever - that Winter would last forever. But...the earth smiled its warm, 40 degree smile last week and melted Winter away. And now, as I sit in the livingroom drunk from the fresh air, signs of Spring are everywhere.

1. I woke up this morning with sun streaming through the windows. I snuck out of bed, quiet to not wake Beau, and made a pot of coffee and chocolate chip muffins. I sat at the kitchen table and caught up on some mail as the sun's reflection made designs on the kitchen floor. It was quiet, warm, and ultra relaxing.

2. After church, we broke out the deck furniture. We swept, raked, and scoped out the survival skills of last year's landscaping. Our bushes look a little rough right now, but I'm hoping more 50 degree weather will liven them up.

3. Daylight Savings Time...although we lose an hour of sleep, the trade-off is worth it. One more hour of day means more time for neighborhood walks, open windows, and late grill-outs.

4. Our neighborhood. Each year, there's one day that everyone decides to come out of hibernation. Dogs, bikes, babies...toddlers in strollers and toddlers pushing strollers. Everyone is happy. Cars are washed in driveways, kids are laughing and shooting hoops, and our neighbor, Jim, sits on his deck with a beer in hand. Jim is my sign of summer on its way!

5. I can open the big red door at the front of our house, allowing Jade to perch herself for hours in front of the glass door. Her tail swiftly slides from side to side as dogs walk on the sidewalk and she takes a bath and naps for hours in the sun spot on the carpet.

6. Late afternoon walks, grilled hot dogs, macaroni salad, and Sunday night TV. I absolutely love the feeling of settling in for a night after a nice Spring or Summer day. The fresh air casts a spell on us.

This week I am blessed with a week home from school in honor of Spring Break. For me, it will involve washing windows, cleaning closets, going for walks, and planning a baby shower for Charly. Most of all, I'm hoping for a week of catching up, winding down, and breathing in life a little deeper.

Welcome sweet SPRING!

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