Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Baby...

Dear little one,'s official. You are one loved little fetus. You are officially all your daddy and I talk about. You, the size of a raspberry (moving up the fruit chain), have become the center of our little world. It's amazing to me how one small moment, one small announcement can completely transform your world. And to are just nine weeks new!

The best part so far has been the excitement surrounding your news. I love day dreaming about you with Beau, imagining you all curled up on my chest or in his arms. I day dream about taking you for walks on cool fall nights, bundled up in cozy sleepers and soft blankies. I day dream about mornings sleeping in, nestled like a snug little bug in between the two of us. I day dream about reading books, singing songs, tummy time, and rocking chairs. Last week, I ordered a Bob Marley acoustic lullaby CD. I day dream about watching you sleep with a little 'No Woman, No Cry' playing softly in the background. You, little Bob, will love the sounds of that Bob.

Last night, we told Gabe and Gina they were going to be an Auntie and Uncle. They were really cute. Gina immediately turned into her generous self, taking us out to supper, talking about showers, and filling me in on the newest and greatest baby gear. Uncle Gabe kept looking at Beau with this big brotherly look of pride. The six of us, including Grandpa Ray and Grandma M, went out to eat in Hampton, which, as you will learn quickly, doesn't happen very often if Grandpa Ray gets his way. But, last night, thanks to you, we all had a great time together. We are beyond blessed to have our family.

And...speaking of family...Charly Grace, your first cousin, is pretty much the light of our family's little world right now. She's absolutely precious. It's really neat to see Jordan and Kelli seamlessly slide into the world of parenthood. She's stolen all our hearts.

So...for week nine, your momma has a lot to celebrate. A new little niece. A wonderful family. The annual debut of the Shamrock Shake at McDonalds. Three weeks until our first appointment. I love you to pieces and pray you grow big everyday.

Forever...Your mommy

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