Sunday, June 6, 2010


Summertime contentment. It's a feeling that goes down as smooth as an ice-filled Arnie Palmer on a ninety degree day. It's satisfaction for the simple; ease of mind for the complicated. It's a breath of fresh air, a morning rain shower, and a firefly-filled July night.

...It's sitting in a chair with my feet dangling into the cool waters of our little pool. It's reading my book, munching on a melting Dilly Bar, and pouring a cup of refreshing water on myself every few minutes.

...It's the sweet smell of a pack of Fairway strawberries as they make their way from the fridge to my mouth. It's the best cantaloupe I've ever tasted.

...It's baking chocolate chip cookies on a Thursday afternoon. Dancing around in my apron with Pandora playing as a backdrop. I don't know which is better...the fresh dough right off the beater, or the first, freshly baked, warm cookie right off the pan.

...It's hanging out with Charly while Jordan and Kelli finish their school year. Singing songs to make her smile, laughing obnoxiously to make her giggle, kissing her fists as they reach for my hair, and following her lead as she dozes off into an afternoon sleep.

...It's stepping on the scale and weight gain.

...It's a night of good food, good friends, and good conversation in the backyard for Beau's 29th birthday. Nothing says summertime contentment like potato salad, baked beans, babies, and a bonfire.

What says summertime contentment for you?

1 comment:

  1. Sleeping on sheets that have been dried by the sun.



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