Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first award...

Well, thanks to Staci at Our Happily Ever After, I have won my first blog award! The award is the Honest Scrap Award, and in order to accept, I have to write 10 interesting facts that define me. Turns out, accepting this award and trying to narrow 'me' into 10 things has been quite the feat! Here goes...

1. An apron is for me what a cape is for Superman...

I love to cook. It is my zen, my escape, my one true non-human companion. Beau and I started experimenting with his Grandma J's hand-me-down cookware in his nasty apartment about six years ago. What started as long marathons of Sopranos, too many bottles of wine, and huge plates of baked ziti, pasta alla vodka, and fettuccine primavera, has now turned into a favorite pastime and date night. We still love cooking Italian, especially for the aromas of garlic sauteed in olive oil, fresh basil leaves, and juicy diced tomatoes, but also love trying new things. Fresh salsas in the summertime, comfort food in the winter, pies, and pizzas on the grill. This summer it's about grill season. Pairing fresh sides of veggies and fruits with savory meats on the coals. A little Frank Sinatra, a glass of wine, my favorite chef's knife, and my favorite man is my idea of a perfect night!

2. I am a Martha Stewart Wannabee

Martha Stewart is amazing. Sure, her smile and tone may be a little creepy, and her criminal record may be a little questionable, but I secretly want to be her intern and follow her around for about a year, taking notes and orders from her. I am an avid subscriber of 'Martha Stewart Living,' and could spend hours on her website. Although I often grow overwhelmed at the time and energy she (and probably more so, her staff) put into her recipes, parties, and projects, I still acquire many ideas, and much inspiration from her creativity.

3. I am a worrier

This is a quality that I wish I could remedy every now and then. Although I've seen my husband and mom's advice that 'everything always falls into place,' come true time and time again, I still make myself sick with worry. I've been this way since I was a little girl. I remember stressing for days about a school project or upcoming test, fretting about not meeting a deadline, or not having plans for New Year's Eve. I think I've gotten better with time; however, I'm not sure my husband would agree with this ;)

4. I make lists about my lists

I am a list-maker, through and through. I've actually mastered the art of list-making. I have a list for everything: meals to make, along with groceries to get for each, cleaning schedules, project ideas, gift ideas, and outfits for work (I can't believe I'm admitting this). The lists have become a part of my daily sanity (or insanity?) and have both advantages and disadvantages. I am a producer and probably get more accomplished on a regular day than many. I usually don't forget a thing and have managed to stay quite organized amidst my first few years of teaching, finishing a Master's degree, moving into a new house, and now, having a baby. Downsides??? I often overwhelm myself by 'creating' more for me to do than what is actually necessary, and it feeds my OCD tendencies. Maybe I need to start penciling in, 'forget to-do list' on my list every now and then!

5. I am Italian at heart

Although my family tells me I am almost 100% German, I think there are a couple of ancestral lines they're forgetting. As much as Beau thinks he is part Irish (he often signs his name, 'McJorgensen') I am part Italian. It's for quite petty reasons really: my love of cooking and eating large portions of Italian cuisine, my obsession with Tony Soprano, and a secret interest in Italian mob movies, feed this inner sense of belonging. I cried for hours when Adriana was whacked on an episode of Sopranos. I once made a pact (and probably a list) to make every recipe out of my 365 Italian Recipes cookbook. And, one day, I will stroll the streets of Rome, sipping a glass of vino, followed by a bowl of grapefruit gelato.

6. I live with a cat and extreme cat allergies

Beau surprised me a few years ago with a skinny, lovey, calico cat rescued from the Humane Society. For four years, Jade has become a part of our family. We have coughed up lots of money for vet bills, kitty beds, and Fancy Feast over the years and would both do it again in a heartbeat. About a year ago, however, I started waking up and going to bed with uncontrollable sneezing and a stuffy, runny nose. Last December, I finally broke and went to get pricked in the back 45 times for an allergy test. Turns out, I have developed extreme cat allergies. Because we can't bear to think of what might happen to our fearless feline friend if we would choose to let her go, I've succumbed to a life of nasal spray, air purifiers, and allergy shots.

7. I am a scaredy cat

I have never cut my hair shorter than my shoulders. I have had my ears pierced since I was three and have never desired another piercing. Never went through a tattoo phase, never had a surgery, a broken bone, or a bee sting (knock on wood). Some may say I am lucky, I admit I am a huge scardey cat. When I was little, I used to stay inside and play for fear of 'tries' (or flies to most of us). I used to be scared of dogs and cats and refused, until high school, to go on any carnival rides that spun too fast or went upside down. It seems only natural that I married a man who loves sky-diving and once jumped off a very tall cliff into unknown waters while camping in the Australian Outback.

8. I want to travel the world

Although I may be a bit timid when it comes to risking harm to my body, I love traveling and have dreams of seeing the world. I think my list-making, project-planning tendencies mix quite well with Beau's risk-taking, spontaneous nature. For this, we make a pretty good team when it comes to traveling. While we love sun-soaking at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, we also love exploring busy cities, finding great hole-in-the-walls to eat at, and widening our travel palette. We assimilate quite well in most settings, whether it be the Bleacher Bums at Wrigley, a fishing boat in Northern Canada, or a Waffle House deep in the hills of Kentucky.

9. Odd ball

I am the only left-handed person in my immediate family. My dad, who failed to nurture my athletic side, never bought left handed sporting equipment, which probably explains my lack of coordination in almost any sport besides wiffle ball (ask Beau). I am the only grand-daughter out of six on my mom's side. I have long legs, long arms, poor vision, and poor teeth. My second toe resembles a pinky finger more than a toe.

10. I am a mother (soon-to-be)
I saved the best for last. As of January, I have been carrying my firstborn, a little boy, who I'm pretty sure never sleeps. I can feel this child nonstop! I went from yearning to feel him move about a week ago, to now, laying in bed, wishing he would go to sleep, so I could stop being distracted by the constant fluttering and popping going on in my stomach! I can't get over how incredible this all is; knowing that I have a little person, growing, listening, and obviously, moving inside of me. And in October, our world will change. The distractions will never cease. I will miss sleep, my to-do lists will probably fail to get done, and my three-course Italian meals will amount to a box of Hamburger Helper's Italian Shells and Cheese. But, we will have a son, a little man, melting our hearts and teaching us how to love in ways we can't even imagine.

Thanks, Staci, for the blog award, and Happy 7 Months of Motherhood to you!

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