Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Six years ago today, it all started with a first date. My three roommates peered out the front window as a nervous girl fretted about her toes being unpolished.
"He drives a nice truck," Kelli assured me.

I will never forget the moment I walked down the sidewalk and into that truck. I remember how cute I thought his smile was, how tan he was, and most of all, how natural our conversation was. I liked being with him; there was something really striking about his personality, or his blue eyes, or the way he really concentrated on my face when I talked to him. I could tell he was into me too...he made me nervous and excited all at the same time.

We had dinner at Bourbon Street and went to Shrek in the theater. Afterwards, we went back to his apartment, sat on the couch, and talked for what seemed like hours. I remember him carrying me to his apartment, and the strange stairs his roommate, Fid, gave us as we approached the front door. I remember laughing a lot, especially after finding out Beau played the role of Sonny in a performance of Grease in high school. I remember him walking me back to my house, just a block away from his, and I remember our first kiss. It was perfect and I think I danced a little after he left.

Three years ago today, there was a bride dressed in white, a groom dressed in black. There was a promise to love each other forever. There was a pronouncement, a kiss, and a new chapter of husband and wife.

Instead of a sidewalk, I walked down a long aisle to the man who waited for me in that truck exactly three years before. There was the same smile, the same blue eyes, and the same concentration on my face, as well as the vows he was nervous of forgetting. There was love, and there was laughter, especially as we dug our fingers into the wax filled unity candle when it failed to light.

Today is our third anniversary. Today, we celebrate six years of a relationship, three years of a promise, and await four months for a new chapter...a chapter of not two, but three!

Happy Anniversary, Beau! Thanks for six incredible years of growing, loving, and learning!

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