Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Shout-Out...

I want to give a shout-out to a blog that feeds my cleaning/organization/planning tendencies. I find myself in a constant wrestling match with balance. The balance to keep up with housework, my career, cooking, and house projects, all while finding time in the middle of all of this for some relaxation, Beau-time, and me-time. There aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish all of this, so before this baby comes, I'm on a mission to find some shortcuts.

"I like to get stuff done and over with so I can move on to more pressing matters.

Like sleeping.

Or eating.

Or watching reruns of 'The Office.'"

Totally Together Blog is written by a full-time teacher and mother. She has created the Daily 7, simple tasks to do around the house every day, such as making the bed, emptying the sink, and taking out the garbage. She is also the fab creator of the 10-minute pick-up, to which a friend of mine has found much success turning into a game, complete with a timer, that she 'plays' with her four littles every night before bed. In addition to her Daily 7, each day, she has a different task to be completed around the house. Sometimes they include the necessities, like a quick-dust or vacuum, but other days, they include random little tasks that often get neglected in weekly house-cleaning. Last week, I disinfected doorknobs.

Anyone who reminds me to disinfect doorknobs is a gem in my book ;)

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  1. I just browsed the website....absolutely love it!! thanks for passing it on!!!



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