Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forever After...

When I was a little girl, I dreamed about big girl stuff like first dates, first kisses, and even my first baby. I cut out pictures from old Modern Bride magazines from a 'free' bin at the Allison Library, and had close to every detail planned for my wedding. I even had a wedding 'file' I stored in my parents' filing cabinet next to instructions for the washer and drier and water heater. The file contained pictures of honeymoon destinations, the large champagne glass-shaped hot tub in the Poconos, a candlelit table for two on a beach in Hawaii, and a rose petal-lined hotel room in Florida.

Funny enough, there was no picture of a giant green ogre in my file. Fifteen years ago, I would have never guessed the importance that a giant green ogre by the name of Shrek would have to my relationship.

Beau and I went to Shrek on our first date. I loved the movie for its adult-humored wit, child-like fun, and sweet message about the power of love.

The following December, I went to Beau's family Christmas. I was overwhelmed with Beau's mom's long underwear filled stockings, but particularly struck by a single Hallmark ornament stuck in one of the feet: Shrek's Christmas Ornament.

The following November, Beau and I went to Bourbon Street for an unexpected date night. I was sun burnt (from fake baking) and crabby, and Beau was trying his best to lighten the mood, while also attempting to not sweat through his fourth shirt that day (little did I know). We had a nice meal, picked up a bottle of wine, and headed back to Beau's place.

Down in the basement, with lights dimmed and candles lit, Beau got on one knee and proposed to me while Shrek silently played on the big screen.

As the years went by and the Shrek ornaments accumulated on our Christmas tree, Beau and I often joked about our history with Shrek. It was only perfectly ironic that the last chapter of Shrek, Forever After, hit theaters just two weeks before our 3rd anniversary. So, after a fancy dinner at Roux Orleans, Beau and I saw our first 3-D movie in a huge theater with two other couples.
A 3-D movie with a giant green ogre, and a whole lot of history.

Shrek: "You know, I always thought I'd rescued you from the Dragon's keep"
Fiona: "You did"
Shrek: "No. It was you who rescued me."

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