Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear kickball player...

Dear Little Man...

The first week of summer break marks a busy week for the Jorgensen clan! Memorial Day weekend was spent with Heiney and Danielle in Des Moines, as well your second cousin, Kelly, at her high school graduation party. This week I've been home, but have been busy planning and celebrating a couple of big days for our family: our 3rd anniversary and your daddy's 29th birthday!

You, have made sure to be a big part of every one of these events! Last week, I finally felt you move. I laid in bed quietly and counted three strong kicks. Not strong enough for your dad to feel (much to his dismay), but strong enough to stop this momma in her tracks. The moment was quiet and sweet and perfect. It was unforgettable.

Since then, you have made your presence known almost constantly. As I type this now, you are quiet, maybe sleeping in after our anniversary date night last night, but during dinner and our movie, you were playing kickball! You are especially crazy at night. Monday night, I had trouble concentrating on falling asleep because I was too busy trying to locate your feet, or arms, or head, or whatever it is that you are moving in there. Last night, the kicks were so strong, I was sure Beau would be able to feel them. I'd grab his hand and press it on my belly, only to sit in silence, waiting, with no avail. Not to put a bug in your ear or anything, but your father is not a patient man. The sooner you can make this happen, the better!

Since I'm now on summer break, it's officially time to start Project Nursery, as well as figure out a name for you. I think one will be easier than the other. Right now, you are nameless, besides the numerous nicknames you've absorbed by friends, family, and especially your dad. B.O.B. (Baby.On.Board), Baby J, and Raycurt are a few of my favorites. Beau and I have discussed names for awhile and have a list of about six; however, we are not 100% convinced on any of them.

Project Nursery is off to a good start. The bedding is here and I have now began the gruelling task of picking out a paint color. I have a history of this. I've been known to stare at a two inch paint sample until my eyes grow crossed, only to mix up a quart and decide that I hate it. I now have about ten samples that are possibilities; however, if I want to make it out of this pregnancy alive, I need to narrow it down...and be happy with my decision ;)

Finally, a belly pic. For fun, I found the tightest t-shirt I could fit in to without my belly popping out. I think I'm finally out of that stage where my pregnancy is questionable to onlookers. Next week is my 24 week appointment; I can't wait to see how much you've grown in four weeks. I have a feeling you might be a big boy!

Love you little one...

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