Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good job Baby J!

Dear Baby J...

Well, your mommy just returned from her doctor's appointment and thanks to you, we are healthy, active, and right on track for where we should be! Even though everyone says differently, I really can't take much credit for this. It's amazing that one of the coolest things that is, or ever will, happen to my body and my life is happening without my control of things. Sure, I'm eating, sleeping, walking, and buying a lot of cute clothes, but you are forming whether I'm making a list or pushing a button. And for a control freak like your momma, this is pretty surreal ;)

One thing we do have a lot of control over is after you decide to greet the world and make your presence known. In fact, once you join our family, you are just about 100% dependent on us. This is exciting and scary, for your parents, and probably you as well. Yesterday, I spent all day with your cousin, Charly, while Jordan and Kelli were at school. I got a taste of just how fun all of this is going to be; watching you grow and learn big things everyday: finding your hands, rolling onto your tummy, making your first baby noises, and your first baby giggles. At the same time, I got a taste of just how much of my world will revolve around you and those small milestones. How does one prepare for these changes? I'm in the process of figuring this out now; however, I think it might be time to look into a couple of baby basics classes ;)

In the meantime, I am going to lay out some ground-rules for you. I'm sure I will think of more as the next 16 weeks unfold, but for now, listen closely. These are important.

Our hopes for you in the future...

1. That you will know, love, and trust in God always, through every stage of your life. Pray daily and allow His Word to be your example.

2. That you will never sacrifice who you are or where you came from. Be your own, unique soul and let that light shine really bright.

3. That you will read on your own and realize the power that books have. You will never be short on books! Take advantage of all the different adventures you will have at your fingertips!

4. That you will learn the virtue of loyalty in its deepest sense by being a Cubs fan and that we will spend many summers at The Friendly Confines!

5. That you will be a great eater and learn to appreciate the difference between parsley and cilantro.

6. That you will inherit your mom's think hair and hard work ethic, and your dad's dimples and free spirit.

7. That you will learn to love the radio on! Sing loud, try and instrument (preferably the guitar if you want to live vicariously through your father), and don't be afraid to dance! Find music that moves you and play it often!

8. That you will expand and realize the endless avenues of your imagination. Explore our backyard, day dream, and play! Build a fort, open a restaurant, or bring a rock to'll be amazed at how much fun your imagination can be.

9. Bear fruit! Discover your talents and help others. Walk around in others' shoes every now and then. You'll be amazed at what you see.

10. Smile and remember. You have a great smile...use it even when it's hard. And don't ever forget the moments in this life that mold you and shape you into the amazing person you are. Even if you don't want to remember - know they are a part of who you are. So write, reflect, remember...and always remember to smile!

Love you,


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