Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting ready for YOU...

Well, little one, you should be honored to know that although you aren't even here yet, you have seemed to encapsulate a large portion of my mind, my time, and my summer break. A big chunk of my world these days is centered around readying our world, our lives, and our home, for you. It's all quite fun, like yesterday when I took all the tags off of your beginning wardrobe, bought my first gallon of Dreft, and washed and folded a couple loads of your onesies and sleepers. I spent way more time than normal cutting little strings off of your clothes and folding them until they were just perfect...this of course will be highly unrealistic once you arrive and are puking or drooling on onesie after onesie. But, I enjoyed this little intimate moment and I was thankful to have the time to do it. Other duties of business, like figuring out my maternity leave, my first year as a tenure track teacher, and getting through this MA paper before you arrive are far more complicated than deciding how to organize your dresser drawers. The more I can get accomplished before another school year rolls around, the better. So, since you are actively a part of all the busyness of my days, I wanted to let you in on a few of the goals I have for summer...It's good to start setting goals early you know...

1. Get this nursery, aka 'baby world' ready. Your daddy is working awfully hard on your furniture, as well as a closet for my clothes. I want bedding washed, books organized, and light bulbs in the lamps. I want diapers stacked and lullabies on cue. This may be wishful thinking, but right now, I have time to think about the little details of your room, the things we will love about being in it. Lately, every night, I've been taking a few minutes to escape to the upstairs bedroom, turn on the lamp, and read from the many sweet books you've already received. It's such a nice escape and I want your room to be this way too.

2. I would like to get a little more crafty than I am right now and make you something special. Your dad and Grandpa Ray are designing and building your baby furniture, creating a timeless, priceless set of furniture that will be so special for our family. Me, on the other hand, doesn't have much talent when it comes to the arts and crafts. My goal for this summer is to find something special that I can make and give to you.

3. Nesting!!! Now here's something I am good at! I'm a closet-nester throughout the year, but the more organizing I can do and trips to Good Will I can make now, the less I will have to do when I'm home with you. So, every corner, every nook and cranny in this house will be turned upside down before October...

4. You will have a baby book! You will have a baby book! This means, I may have to spend sleepless nights going through and editing the countless pictures I have taken since receiving my new camera in February. Yesterday, I uploaded 1200 pictures into my Shutterfly account. 1200! So many of them document all the little details of this journey of carrying you and I want to somehow incorporate them into a manageable keepsake that we can someday look at together.

5. Pack a bag. I just read a story in a magazine about a woman who delivered her baby a month early. Because she had tunnel vision and was only prepared to deliver on her due date, she of course, had nothing planned, prepared, or packed. Although I have no idea what to put in the bag we bring to the hospital, I intend to find out this summer. It may sound a little weird, but I'm kind of envisioning our days in the hospital as a little vacation away from reality...with that said, I've never been one to pack lightly!

Stay tuned to see how I do little one. Keep kicking! I love you!

-Your momma

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  1. make a quilt! that's what I was daunting at first but turned out great. Taggies are also pretty easy to make and you can personalize them :)



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