Saturday, April 10, 2010

14 Weeks

How far along? 14 Weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss? Stayed the same this week.

Maternity Clothes? I rocked my first maternity shirt today at school. I haven’t exactly gained weight as in pounds; however, my body is clearly changing. I needed some shirts that were wider at the bottom, to safely cover the slight baby bump protruding from my waistline. Just a simple white v-neck, yet, three students told me they liked my shirt. Funny.

Sleep? I’d like to say I have a little more energy this week; however, I might jinx myself. I was feeling really tired after school today, so I asked Beau if he would go on a walk with me. I thought the fresh air might wake me up. By the time we got to the driveway, I told Beau I felt like I could literally crawl to the door. Now, I’m yawning just thinking about it!

Best Moment This Week? Planning the first holiday in preparation of Baby J…shopping for an Easter basket! It won’t be near as fun without the physical presence of a baby; however, an excuse to shop is all this girl needs!

Food Cravings? Beau took me to Hy-Vee tonight and I was like a kid in a candy store. What filled up my shopping cart? Fresh fruit. Cheese sticks. Yogurt. Pop Tarts. Ice Cream Sandwiches. Grape Soda.

Gender? Beau and I have agreed to disagree. He says girl, I say boy.

What I Miss? Watching a movie without bawling like a blubbering weirdo. I cry…a lot. I sobbed through the first hour of ‘The Blind Side.’ I cried during a rerun of ‘The Office,’ when Jim proposed to Pam in the pouring rain. I cried during ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ I cried during Oprah when a real-life 'Glee' club received a check for $100,000.

What I Look Forward To? Feeling that first flutter of a baby foot against my stomach.

Weekly Wisdom? Enjoy the small things...

Milestones? Our baby weighs more than a pound. I'm counting that for the pound I've gained so far!

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