Friday, April 9, 2010

Can you HEAR me???

"Your fetus’s ears are now developed enough that she’ll hear when you sing or talk"

-Fit Pregnancy, Week 13 Update
Hi little one,

That's right. This week, perhaps for the first time, you can hear me talk to you. And sing to you. This has been big news for your dad and I. I texted him yesterday during school to fill him in on the news. Here is how the conversation went:

Beau: 'That is so cool. While you work on stuff, I am going to talk to your stomach. HI BOB!"

Me: "I know. I have to start singing and reading it books. Studies show it makes kids wicked smart."

Beau: "You read while you proofread. This kid will give everyone '5' at PLS when you proofread your Masters paper." (referring to the Five Pillars of Character...don't ask me how Beau retains this stuff about school)

Beau (again): "It loves the Iowa Core Curriculum." (again, school jargon)

Beau (yet again): "It wakes up to 'Go Cubs Go' for its alarm every morning, so that's good."
So, all in all, we are completely enamoured with the fact that you can hear! All week, I've been playing my favorite John Mayer CD in the car and singing to and from school! I'm not the greatest at keeping a pitch; however, I'm pretty sure your mind isn't developed to judge your mom just yet. That won't come for another 13 years or so.

Your Grandpa Ray is ready for a picture of the crib he and your daddy are going to build for you. You are going to turn your Grandpa Ray into mush before you even enter this world! Before he got off the phone with Beau tonight, he said, "give our love to Mom and Bob." You are going to be one of the luckiest little people in the world. You have two parents, four grandparents, five great-grandparents, five aunts and uncles, and many good friends who are going to love you to pieces. This journey so far has been full of blessings and I can't even imagine it once you arrive!

So...Sweet Baby J, hear me LOUD AND CLEAR when I shout it from the mountains and rooftops...


Love you! Love you! Love you!

Your Mom

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