Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Little One...

Dear little one,

Tonight, all is well. I'm inching my way to the end of a school year, we're enjoying one of the nicest springs I can remember, and Beau and I have been spending lots of time together doing what we do best: cooking. Yes, I've reacquired my love for the culinary arts. Right now, I'm taking part in Project Pantry, attempting to spend less than $45 a week on groceries while using the large array of foods I've collected in my pantry during my recent cooking aversion. So far, week one is a success! Not to mention, I'm on my third pound of strawberries in three days! They are delicious and I have a feeling there will be lots of strawberry shortcake in your future! One promise I can make you is that you will absolutely never go hungry. Your parents love to cook, take pride in our ever-growing exotic palettes, and like to try new things. Cooking together makes us feel refined. If only, however, I could dive into a tall glass of wine while I create a masterpiece though!

What else is new? Well, in the last week, you have been 'felt'... a lot. For some reason, a few of my girl students have felt it necessary to start touching my belly. It's rather adorable, actually, and I haven't been the weirded-out type to be annoyed by it. If anything, I've really appreciated their comfortableness and excitement. They ask a lot of questions, are always willing to shed advice on baby names and nursery ideas, and are the first to critique my outfits and whether I'm 'showing' or not. My 9th graders, often the most open and honest with their English teacher, are split a bit. Half of them have confirmed (to me) that I've been a lot happier since I've been pregnant and have assigned less homework, and the other half feel I've been 'moodier.' Bless their hearts for their honesty. I can't wait to see their faces come August when I'm huge, hot, and really moody :-)

I guess that's all for week 17. Know that you are loved, even by 14-16 year olds.

-Your Mom

P.S. Beau forgot that I'm doing my best to avoid caffeine throughout pregnancy and made an inviting jug of sun tea. I indulged in a glass during supper. Let's just say, my cat, Jade's ears have been back the remainder of the night ;)

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