Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eleven is Heaven

How far along? 11 Weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss? Haven't gained or lost in two weeks.

Maternity Clothes? Not yet. Although my baby bump is definitely swelling around my mid-section, my low-rise jeans fit great. I am, however, looking forward to cute skirts soon (with elastic waistbands of course)

Stretch Marks? No…(fingers crossed)

Sleep? I could sleep on demand. At school, in the car, at the dinner table. It doesn't take a whole lot.

Best Moment This Week? Getting the pre-appointment call from my doctor's nurse. The questions she asked to prepare me for our big appointment next week made this whole experience all the more real. It's all so incredible.

Movement? Not yet

Food Cravings? I think the cravings are getting worse. It's so funny. Today at school, I was only craving the good stuff. Honeycrisp apples and a big ol' salad that my husband prepared fo me the night before. He cut up lettuce, fried bacon, cooked ham, boiled eggs, and chopped up peppers and tomatoes. It tasted sooooo good. After school, however, I got a craving for the 'good' stuff. I actually saw a kid in my afternoon class take this giant gulp out of a bottle of Hawaiian Punch. So...after school, I got my own Big Buddy of Fruit Punch and a couple of Laffy Taffys, and nursed my sugar craving all the way home. I'll bet my 2 1/2 " Baby J was doing summersaults after that!

P.S. I could talk about food and sleep all day long!

Gender? Split. Beau is convinced it's a girly, I still think baby boy.

What I Miss? Having more energy. And a clean house. For some reason, I'm having a hard time keeping the house up to its usual standard. I'm hoping that changes when the 'nesting' stage begins!

What I Look Forward To? Our first appointment and finally hearing a heartbeat. Only a week away!

Weekly Wisdom? As tired as you are, Ashley, wash that face EVERY NIGHT before bed. You are always glad you did it.

Milestones? Evidence of a baby bump. It's pretty cool...

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