Saturday, April 24, 2010

There's a BUN in the OVEN!

That's right. The last couple weeks, Baby J has made its presence known with the small makings of a baby bump. It's a really strange feeling having no control over the changes my body is going through. It's an even stranger feeling knowing that I have the makings of a person hanging out with me every minute of every day. Beau is jealous because I get to "hang out with the baby all the time." Although 'it' doesn't say too much or move too much, it's the best company I've ever had ;)

I also wanted to use this post to pay homage to my husband and his all-time favorite pastime...his smoker. He knows I'm not a huge fan (as the smoke bugs my allergies), so every time I'm going to be gone, Beau buys out the Fareway meat counter and smokes an array of different meats. This week, while I was off on a much needed girls' night with April, Kelli, and Julie, Beau and Starbuck smoked turkey legs, a massive pork chop, potatoes, and two meatloaves...yes meatloaves. I'm not usually a huge fan of the smoky flavor of the food; however, that meatloaf was making my mouth water. I was convinced we would have a fridge full of leftovers; however, I was wrong. I got home from dinner to find Beau, Starbuck, Taylor, and his roommate, David, stuffed on the couch. Nice call inviting two college boys over to help devour the goods.

Here are some photos of Beau's recent masterpiece. I'm sure the summer will bring many more to come.

1 comment:

  1. Hey thanks for the invite Beau! Not like Charly and I couldn't have helped you eat all that meat!



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