Friday, April 9, 2010

The Big 1-3

How far along? 13 Weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss? Stayed the same this week; however, my mental weight was shifted by the pounds. I'm getting a little self-conscious at school. I feel like everyone, 16 year old boys included, are whispering about the bulge surrounding my waistline. I hope it's in my head; however, one of my students walked in on me devouring a Butterfinger today.

Maternity Clothes? No; however, the time is in the near future...I can feel it. I think a couple pairs of pants will hold me over until summer break.

Sleep? I went to bed at 9:04 last night if that tells you anything...

Best Moment This Week? I found out that the baby can finally hear us this week! Suddenly, I find myself singing a lot more ;)

Food Cravings? It's been my biggest sign of pregnancy. This week, it's been fresh fruit and juice. And seafood. The seafood has been big for me throughout. I think I could eat shrimp and tarter sauce every day!

Gender? I got an email about Old Wive's Tales for determing gender. The majority pointed to girl; however, I think it's a little early to tell. I am officially the only person I know that is predicting a boy! We won't have to wait long! Our ultrasound appointment is set for May 11th!

What I Miss? Not much...for the most part, I'm really liking this whole pregnancy thing. It does make me a little sad everytime I pull a Victoria's Secret magazine from the mailbox. I wish I could be one of those women who embraces the pregnant belly and lets it out for the world to gawk at, but at this point, I don't see that being a part of my future! I will lay out this summer; however, I think I will choose the privacy of my deck instead of the wonderful Lost Island.

What I Look Forward To? Getting out of school for the summer so I can focus on nursery and baby preparations! Three months of painting, planning, and preparing to share our lives and home with another person!

Milestones? I can talk to our little one and it can actually hear! Can you imagine what it thinks as I yell at high schoolers all day long?!?! It's probably worried!

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