Sunday, April 25, 2010


This weekend was about finishing. It started with finishing the remains of three bowls of cereal. Because they wouldn't fill an entire bowl, they've been sitting in the pantry for weeks. So, thanks to Project Pantry, I had three mini-bowls of Captain Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Special K. All were delicious and now I have room to purchase a new box of cereal. Always an exciting decision if you ask me ;)

Saturday, we started another project, a project we've been visually planning since about January...Project Nursery. The future nursery is currently serving two very important purposes: 1) our office, complete with a desk, computer, and all of our Internet cords of life; and 2) my dressing room, complete with my color-organized closet, shoes, dresser, and full-length mirror. In order to begin the nursery, we first had to decide on a plan of action for a new wireless Internet station and more importantly, a new, Carrie Bradshaw inspired dream closet (more progress to come on that later).

Today, we finished Step 1 of Project Nursery. Gabe, Ray, and Captain Curt came to help Beau install hardwood flooring in the nursery and our bedroom. The preexisting carpet in the bedrooms was old, not to mention, as bad as my allergies were yesterday, I'm ready to have as little carpet as possible.

If only all home improvement projects were this quick. In one day, we ripped up the old carpet, pulled out the staples, and finished the flooring. Although my head felt like it was going to explode thanks to the mixture of sawdust, carpet remains, and cat fur flying through the air, I cleaned the two rooms and carefully helped Beau move furniture back in its original place.

Beau and I finished the night with a trip to Lowes to purchase a few odds and ends (including an air purifier), and a nice dinner at the Olive Garden. We finished two baskets of breadsticks, one bowl of OG's famous salad, but fell short of finishing our spaghetti and carbonara. Although I didn't come close to finishing our Netflix movie, Twilight, which had been sitting in our living room for weeks (Beau said he thinks the 20 minutes he watched actually made him stupider), I satisfyingly finished the night snuggled up in a bed resting on a beautiful new hardwood floor.

Although I'm feeling pretty good about our weekend's accomplishments, I have a feeling one of Beau's favorite authors, Louis L'Amour, and his famous quote may be foreshadowing a series of events to come...

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will only be the beginning."

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